Absolutely The Best Sugar Cookie Recipe EVER!


Absolutely The Best Sugar Cookie Recipe EVER! This recipe makes BIG, round, soft and chewy sugar cookies, just like bakery style cookies.


  1. Posted by skylargaines, — Reply

    Perfect at any event but I took mine to the avid college fair were every one loved them. They are even delicious with disgusting frosting on it

  2. Posted by jakeh42, — Reply

    Didn't taste that great. In fact, they were rather tasteless which was unfortunate. Although I did use Crisco instead of butter which may have reduced its flavor.

  3. Posted by Abenson1019, — Reply

    Amazing!! I didn’t fully melt the butter because I wanted thicker cookies. Perfect flavor and texture. I baked for 12 minutes, let cool for 3 minutes on the pan, and then moved to wire racks. Also rolled some in cinnamon sugar to make more of a snickerdoodle and it was perfect!! This will be me go to sugar cookie recipe!

  4. Posted by drumrkeight, — Reply

    These are FANTASTIC! Seriously really good, bravo! Thanks for the awesome recipe..... Its going to become a family favorite

  5. Posted by lillupee, — Reply

    Really loved this recipe!!! I went exactly by the recipe and it was great! It was also my first time making something from scratch.

  6. Posted by sheridanmitchell, — Reply

    Love the cookie. Tasted amazing! Be sure to give them plenty of room in between when baking because they expand a lot.

  7. Posted by hlandis34, — Reply

    these would have gone great had we not thought they were cutout sugar cookies... good recipe though.

  8. Posted by bakera13, — Reply

    I'm not the best baker and these turned out amazing!!!!! Will be making many more batches!

  9. Posted by februarybloomer, — Reply

    These were OMG good! Made beautiful big cookies, don't overtake though.

  10. Posted by julieraker, — Reply

    Wonderful...really like these cookies. Perfect and easy.

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